Arti M

London, UK · artismarti @ gmail . com

Software Engineer with extensive Agile Product Management experience.
Jill of all trades. Mistress of some.

I have a Masters Degree in Computing. I've been part of the tech industry for over a decade and have donned various hats - QA, PM, Agile Coach, Product Lead. I have lived and worked in over 8 cities, 5 countries and 3 continents. This gives me a unique perspective on understanding and adapting to various work cultures.
I believe that a successful team is one with a culture of empathy, continuous improvement and collaboration.

Skills 💻

Programming Languages & Tools
  • JavaScript (ES6)
  • React
  • NodeJS
  • GatsbyJS
  • GraphQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • Git and Github
  • Ruby
  • Rails

Product and People Management
  • Lean Canvas, Impact Mapping, Hypotheses and Measures
  • Backlog refinement & prioritisation
  • Wireframes, Prototypes, UX Testing
  • Data Analytics, A/B testing, MVT
  • Agile transformation and coaching
  • Release and deployment management in an Agile environment
  • Manage in-house and offshore/nearshore teams

Projects 👷🏽‍♀️


A Ruby app that runs in the command line and uses the TFL API to query info on lines and stations - including live disruptions.

tfl cli app screenshot.


A Ruby on Rails app that calculates a central location to meet at when getting together with friends travelling from different start locations. The logic for calculating the centre point after taking into account all the start locations is done in the app & a 3rd party API is used to return venues at the suggested location.

meetr ror app screenshot.

Rock Paper Scissors using Machine Learning.

A JavaScript game that uses ml5.js to train the computer to recognise the 3 gestures (Rock, Paper, Scissors) and play the game using the webcam. The backend is a Rails API that keeps track of player scores and is used to generate a leaderboard.

meetr ror app screenshot.


A responsive ReactJS app that uses a 3rd party API to generate a quiz based on a player's chosen category.

meetr ror app screenshot.


Find a central location to meet friends when starting off from different locations. View suggested venues. This responsive app uses Rails in the backend, React in the front end & also relies on a location/mapping API. Authentication uses JWT tokens. Styling is reliant on mostly custom CSS and also some Semantic UI.

bTwixt React app screenshot.

Experience 👩🏽‍💻

Software Engineer

Simply Business

Engineer in a cross-functional team working primarily with React and Rails.


Full Stack Software Engineering Bootcamp —​ ​Student

FlatIron School

Full time student, learning to build apps using a variety of technologies, including, Ruby, Rails, JS, React, HTML, CSS, SQL.

OCTOBER 2018 - MARCH 2019

H​ead of Product


Lead a team of developers, designers and data scientists to deliver an app across Android and iOS platforms targeted at Ride Share Drivers.

  • Improved retention by 5% with a feature to show Drivers an Events calendar to help plan their day.
  • Created a booking app to help drivers augment their income by receiving B2B fares. (Awaiting TFL license to launch).

Lead Product Manager

ArtiSmarti Ltd

Hired by McKinsey Digital team to lead Product Management at a digital incubator for one of Germany's largest insurance companies. I lead a team of developers, UX designers and data analysts to deliver solutions for B2B customers.

  • Digitised annual renewal of liability insurance affecting over 200,000 customers. This leads to an annual saving of €500,000.
  • Delivered a responsive digital commercial online price comparison calculator for B2B public liability insurance from ideation to deployment.
  • Created a portal for insurance brokers to be able to better serve their customers by creating secure but easy access to products details, policy documents, client data, and premium calculators. (B2B2C)

A​gile Lead


Worked on a large UK Government digital transformation project for the DVSA (using GDS principles) to improve the way garages perform MOT tests for vehicles.

  • Created responsive digital solution to improve usability and efficiency of the MOT testing website for garages.
  • Improved operational efficiency for MOT testers by nearly 10% leading to revenue increase of an average of £15,000 for garages.
  • Managed releases between various different teams and vendors.
AUGUST 2015 - AUGUST 2016

Lean Delivery Manager

Simply Business​

Core member of Tech Leadership team that enabled successful transformation from Waterfall to Agile to Lean/Kanban and fostered a startup culture.

  • Managed the transition from a legacy system to a portfolio of price comparison insurance websites built iteratively.
  • Created hypotheses and performed user testing (offline and online) with wireframes and prototypes.
  • Defined, managed and tracked dozens of experiments to test the impact of the features we were building.
  • Worked with business executives to define and track KPIs.
  • Coached teams to use the principles of Lean Startup Methodologies to focus their business goals to achieve their targets.
  • Trained teams to use Cucumber as a collaborative BDD tool.
  • Mentored direct reports and developed their skills.
  • Organised annual company-wide hackathon.
MAY 2011 - AUGUST 2015

T​echnical Test Analyst


Lead a team of developers, designers and data scientists to deliver an app across Android and iOS platforms targeted at Ride Share Drivers.

  • Developed automated regression tests and acceptance tests using Cucumber and Ruby for the iPlayer, YouView and Interlinking projects.
  • Collaborative requirements analysis, story writing, estimation and work planning efforts.
AUGUST 2010 - MAY 2011

L​ead Analyst

Avid Life Media​

Managed migration of legacy dating site with over 4 million users to new platform.

AUGUST 2009 - JULY 2010

S​enior Test Analyst


Collaborated with stakeholders, developers & QA to plan sprints, write stories, acceptance criteria and track tasks. Worked with clients to improve & implement Agile processes.

NOVEMBER 2008 - APRIL 2009

S​enior Test Consultant


Creation and execution of Manual and Automated test scripts for various large e-commerce retailers.

APRIL 2007 - NOVEMBER 2008

QA Lead


Lead a team of internationally located testers and set up QA processes in a start​up environment with no previous QA.

NOVEMBER 2005 - APRIL 2007

S​ystem Test Manager for Argos and Homebase


Lead teams of testers distributed across the UK and in China.

APRIL 2004 - NOVEMBER 2005

Education 👩🏽‍🎓

FlatIron School

Full Stack Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp

Scrum Alliance

Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified Scrum Scrum Master
Certified Scrum Practioner

London Metropolitan University

MSc Computing

Fitchburg State College, USA

5 Semesters of Computer Science

University of Mumbai

Bachelor of Commerce

Talks 🗣️

Time To React - March 2020, London UK: React Hooks - How to write your own!

CukeUp 2016, London UK: Think Small - A talk on story size and team size

CukeUp 2014, London UK: Build the Right Stuff - Workshop on Hypotheses Driven Development

CukeUp 2011, London UK: BDD - How to scale up with Cucumber

coding === joy